Results of Ofstead real-world study on bronchoscope quality and cost released by IAHCSMM’s PROCESS magazine

In 2018, Ofstead’s team conducted a multisite study to determine the time and cost involved in acquiring, maintaining, and reprocessing flexible bronchoscopes. This article describes the bottom line for using high-level disinfected bronchoscopes versus sterilized or single-use bronchoscopes. It also highlights real-world quality issues and provides data on the time required to reprocess bronchoscopes. Based on the findings, the authors recommend several actions front-line personnel can take to manage costs, reduce risk, and improve patient safety.

Please contact us for a copy of the article “Managing Bronchoscope Quality and Cost: Results of a Real-world Study.” IAHCSMM members may obtain free copies by logging into the IAHCSMM PROCESS Online webpage.